This Could Get Messy: A Guide To …

This Could Get Messy: A Guide To Eating, To Drinking, To Doing Both At The Same Time

This Could Get Messy is the world’s most useful book on drinking and dining for a new generation of entertaining. You can use it to bash out a steak for the barbecue, to look up how to make a watermelon bomb for 15 friends this Sunday, or how to turn your fridge into a meal when you get home at midnight, legless. This Could Get Messy tells you everything you need to know about how to have a good time eating and drinking, cheaply and easily. There are recipes for more than 100 dishes and drinks in chapters including: Drinking Loves Company (dishes you can make with one hand while holding your drink in the other) Talking Taco Couch Cruising (meals for your next big night in) Group Love (food for garden feasts) Fancy Schmancy (restaurant-style mains to impress) and Bread or Alive. Fascinating features you won’t find in any other cookbook include ‘How to eat a taco’ a ‘World of schnitzels map’ and ’50 shades of beige’, a dude food photo montage.