Three Men on the Way Way

Three Men on the Way Way
Publisher: Whittles Publishing
Date: 2013-06-16
ISBN-10: 1849950873
ISBN-13: 9781849950879
Language: English
Pages: 144
Added: 2018-10-05 10:12:17

The West Highland Way is Scotland’s first official Long Distance Route and runs nearly 100 miles. It was nicknamed the ‘Way Way’ by a trio from Fife and this is an account of their experiences, the highs and lows which any challenge presents and their marvelous, surprising, amusing and weird memories.

Anyone who has walked the Way (or plans to) will enjoy this story for the adventures, misadventures and similar memories of people and places. The illustrations give a wonderful idea of the rich variety of country traversed and capture the atmosphere of this walk through Scotland’s fine landscapes.

This informative book will be of immense appeal to anyone with a love of the outdoors and walking, the natural world and who enjoys a good read. Show more Show less b1e630bedee51cb6a1a58e168171851f] Size: (3.50 MB) [/code]8f5841fc4bebebab7d97f2497b6e6663 [/code]File name: 1849950873_Three.pdf File size: 3.50 MB 0e1af74ea8ee92bd9729d7c4b89cc3d0  Size: (3.53 MB)   

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