Thrive in Retirement by Eric Thurman

Thrive in Retirement: Simple Secrets for Being Happy for the Rest of Your Life by Eric Thurman
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Overview: Discover the three secrets to happiness – and much more – in the later years of life.
Never before in human history have so many people lived for decades beyond their working years. Ten thousand Americans turn 65 each day, and their average life expectancy is another 20 years – and many will live longer. But will they just live or have a meaningful life?
The truth is that many – if not most – people approaching the latter years do not have a plan, much less a strategy to thrive instead of just survive. Packed with information based on research as well as common-sense wisdom, here are some examples of what listeners will discover, How retiring at the wrong time increases the likelihood of dying 89 percent.What can delay Alzheimer’s onset an average of nine years.How everything that makes you happy comes in just three forms.Which partner is most likely to initiate divorce after decades of marriage and why.
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