Tips & Traps For Building Decks, Patios, …

Tips & Traps For Building Decks, Patios, And Porches (tips And Traps)

Whether youre looking for more usable outdoor space or you want to create more curb appeal to add value to your home, Decks, Patios, and Porches is exactly the resource you need. An easy-to-read guide that can save you thousands of dollars and prevent big, expensive mistakes, this book arms you with everything you need to know about hiring pros as well as designing and planning for a deck, patio or porch. Readers will learn about screening and selecting contractors, obtaining proper permits, avoiding zoning problems, choosing a design and having working plans and specifications prepared, specific code issues, selecting suitable sites, pros and cons of different materials, avoiding underground obstacles, such as utilities and bedrock, choosing a suitable foundation, sample pricing, and the bidding process.