Trading With Candlesticks: Visual Tools For Improved …

[b]Trading With Candlesticks: Visual Tools For Improved Technical Analysis And Timing

"Michael Thomsett has made the rather obscure strategy of technical trading based on candlesticks as easy and accessible as possible, so average investors will be able to put his advice to use right away and substantially improve their trading returns." -Jordan Goodman, author, Fast Profits in Hard Times "Michael Thomsett is an expert technical analyst and trader who, more importantly, can communicate often complex subjects in a way the reader can apply effectively and profitably. In his latest work, Trading with Candlesticks, Thomsett illuminates the powerful charting techniques which are essential tools in any trader’s toolbox. This book should be on the shelf -or better yet, desk -of every investor looking to profit from essential technical indicators." -Scott Kyle, CEO, Coastwise Capital Group, and author, The Power Curve Want to consistently outperform other traders? Candlestick charts represent one of the most valuable tools available to you. As savvy traders around the world have discovered, candlesticks can help you more effectively anticipate stock price trends and improve the timing of every buy and sell order you place. In Trading with Candlesticks, best-selling author Michael C. Thomsett completely demystifies candlesticks. Using plain English and easy-to-understand visuals, Thomsett shows how they’re constructed, how to decode them, and how to apply them in real trades. You’ll start with the absolute basics, and then discover how to recognize subtle moves and patterns you never knew existed. Next, Thomsett reveals how to combine candlesticks with other technical indicators to sense market signals even more reliably. Whether you’re a day trader, swing trader, speculator, or long-term investor, candlesticks offer you a powerful edge -and this book makes them easier to use than ever before. Traders who use charts to time their moves rely on strong and clear signals. Unfortunately, price levels and traditional technical indicators alone aren’t always reliable. There is a solution: candlestick signs, moves, and patterns. When these visual signs of reversal or continuation are integrated with other signals, they provide the strongest possible entry and exit timing both the signal and the means for confirming it. In this easy-to-use book, renowned trader Michael C. Thomsett demystifies candlesticks and shows active traders exactly how to use them. Trading with Candlesticks explains how the leading candlesticks work, how they appear, and how to interpret them to discover emerging price moves and trend reversals, as well as confirmations of existing trends. Thomsett presents dozens of examples of candlestick signs, moves, and patterns in action, explaining them not in isolation, but as part of broader, developing price trends on real stock charts. Thomsett also discusses failed signals and offers guidelines for identifying the likely impending failure or success of each pattern. While no approach is 100% foolproof, Thomsett’s system for recognizing and confirming candlestick signals makes technical analysis more accurate than it’s ever been before.

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