Traditional Chen Style Taijiquan: The Small Frame …

Traditional Chen Style Taijiquan: The Small Frame Method

At last, now there is a book available in English that explains the Small Frame Chen Style of Taijiquan in detail. Chen style is best known for its emphasis on “twining energy” and this book lays down a foundation for developing internal energy by paying attention to the details of each movement. This approach makes this book of interest to anyone serious about developing their own Taijiquan practice to truly become an “internal” martial artist. It begins by explaining the Ten Elements of Taijiquan and the Thirteen Elements of Chen Style Taijiquan. All movements are broken down into detail, individually for each part of the body. This so that the reader fully understands the meaning of the old Taiji dictum: “When one part of the body moves, everything moves.” Complex stances and movements are explained with annotated figures. This book presents in great detail the full Chen Style Small Frame method with its First Routine. Becoming vastly popular in China and abroad, excerpts are given by Chen Li-Qing, the first woman to be listed in the Chen family lineage. Chapter 4 includes a section by Master Chen, including her advice on the role of perseverance in one’s practice: “Thick ice does not come from one day’s cold.”

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