Tunisian Arabic Dictionary & Phrasebook: A Supplement …

Tunisian Arabic Dictionary & Phrasebook: A Supplement For Learners Of Tunisian Arabic & Other Arabic Dialects

Tunisian Arabic – English Dictionary is a the ideal learning resource for any learner of the Tunisian spoken language designed to improve their understanding, familiarity with and usage of Tunisian Arabic . A necessary supplement for Tunisian Arabic learners who are already using the two previously published books: Tunisian Arabic in 24 Lessons, Tunisian Arabic in 30 Lessons. This dictionary is also very helpful to travellers who just want to start learning Tunisian. Learners who have already acquired the previous grammar books will find this new publication a helpful supplementary aid for their Tunisian Arabic learning journey. In this dictionary is listed the most significant Tunisian Arabic vocabulary, with insightful examples of everyday natural usage. The most frequently used Tunisian Arabic verbs are listed alphabetically in the emphatic form for 2nd person singular (you), which we consider as the neutral and simplest form of verbs in Tunisian Arabic. Verbs are listed in a table of 3 columns: the first column presents the Tunisian Arabic verb transliterated in English script, translated in English, in addition to its equivalent in Arabic script. In this 1st column, the verb is also shown in the 3rd person singular of the past tense (he / huwwa) and in the 1st person singular in the past tense (I / a:na) The second column presents the verb conjugated and examplified in Tunisian Arabic phrases. The third column presents the same verb and phrases in English.