Tyler Bramlett – 0-6 Pack Abs

Tyler Bramlett – 0-6 Pack Abs
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"That’s right!

If you think you are gonna shrink your waistline and build strong, lean and functional abs without work. Think again!

Although we did our best to create a step-by-step road map that will lead you from 0-6 Pack Abs, it does require work. You do have to follow along to the workouts at least 3 days a week in order to get the results your looking for.

But. Like I said before, the Core Activation Sequences only take 10-15 minutes to complete and the "PHASE 2″ Micro Progression Workouts only take 2-8 minutes!

This means that although you have to do some work, it doesn’t have to take up very much of your time. The reality is, if you don’t have 2 minutes to spend on training your abs the right way, then this program is NOT for you.

AND. There’s more BAD NEWS.

If you are motivated to make a change. To get rid of your ugly pouch belly, muffin top or beer gut then you should know this.
You’ll NEVER get the results you want
from following "traditional" ab workouts!
YES. I hate to break it to you but, this is 100% TRUE!

In FACT, many of the "traditional" ab exercises that the fitness magazines and local "guru’s" are preaching are NEVER gonna help you shrink your waistline and build toned strong abs.

The reason is because the Core Activation Sequences James is about to teach you will re-educate your core muscles to work together while "traditional" exercises often do the opposite treating each of your ab muscles as an isolated body

Unfortunately, your core doesn’t work this way and by isolating your core muscles using these "traditional" exercises you can actually make the problem (i.e. your gut) WORSE!

This means that the ONLY WAY for you to reactivate your core and start getting the abdominal results you really want is to follow the Core Activation Sequences we laid out for you in 0-6 Pack Abs.

AND. If you’re even slightly skeptical then.
Here’s the BEST NEWS of all.
We know that you’re probably thinking to yourself that the benefits you’ll get from following along to the workouts contained in 0-6 Pack Abs sound a little too good to be true, right?

Well. I’d be lying to you if I didn’t tell you that when I first met James I was in the same position as you. I remember thinking to myself, "can these simple exercises really make a difference to the way my abs look and feel?"

After only 2 weeks of using the exercises James teaches I can absolutely say with confidence.

YES! These exercises CAN make a HUGE difference on the way your abs look and feel!

PLUS. To ease your concern, James and I decided to remove all risk from your side and take it on ourselves. This way you have no excuse not to try 0-6 Pack Abs and see the results for yourself. Which is why we decided to give you our industry first "Quadruple" Guarantee!
If we don’t meet and exceed your expectations,
all you have to do is send me an email and you’ll get
a full refund, no questions asked and we can still be friends

I hope that by now, I’ve proven to you how dramatic the changes you’ll feel and see in your abs by following James’s Core Activation Sequences are.

I also hope you see the tremendous value in the "PHASE 2″ Bonus Package we created for you. And. I’m sure you’re scratching your head wondering to yourself, "how much is this comprehensive ab training system gonna cost me?"


Let’s say you decided to learn this stuff on your own, right? You would have to fly out to California pay James his usual hourly rate of $250 and study with him for a minimum of 10 hours just so you could get close to grasping the Core Activation Sequences we’re gonna teach you in 0-6 Pack Abs.

AND. If you wanted to learn the EXACT sequence of Micro Progression Workouts you’re about to learn; you would also have to come to my garage gym and train with me for no less than 3 months which would cost you a minimum of $3000!"


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