U2 and Philosophy through Mark A. Wrathall

U2 and Philosophy: How to Decipher an Atomic Band (Popular Culture and Philosophy Book 21) through Mark A. Wrathall
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Overview: Is it imaginable to be a dedicated Christian and a rock famous person? Can political activists make excellent track? Do vastly a success rock bands in point of fact care about AIDS and poverty in Africa, or is it simply some other image-enhancing schtick? U2 and Philosophy ponders those and different seeming dichotomies within the profession of the Irish supergroup. For over 20 years, U2 has been probably the most greatest acts in rock track. They’ve produced over a dozen platinum and multiplatinum data and gained 15 Grammy Awards. Critics all over have praised the band’s considerate, advanced lyrics and the artistry in their track. At the similar time, Bono, the gang’s lead singer, has devoted himself to political and social reasons, blurring the road between rock megastar and revered statesman. Offering contemporary perception into the band’s track and activism, those thought-provoking essays permits enthusiasts to find philosophy during the eyes of U2, and rediscover U2 during the eyes of philosophers.
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