Udemy – Real-Life English Fluency Plan for Intermediate to Advanced

Create a custom plan (including strategies, activities and resources) to master real-life English.

What Will I Learn?

After this course, learners will have a plan, including a schedule and activities, to improve their English every day.


An intermediate to advance level of English.
A strong desire to learn English for life.


This course is perfect for you if

you feel frustrated because you don’t know how to study on your own,
you have a hard time being consistent with your studies,
you like English, but you think studying English is boring,
you struggle to understand native speakers in real life or on television, or
you’re an English teacher looking for more resources and techniques to motivate your students.

In this course, we will create a plan that is custom-made for your English needs and interests. This course is like getting 2-hours of language coaching.

I give you materials and tips based on over a decade of personal experience, but it’s up to you to implement the plan. I know you can do it, and I’m here to help!

You will learn tips and tools to improve your English on your own:

Mindset: Breaking down preconceived notions and exploring new perspectives.
Activities: Learning how to use dozens of activities effectively. These activities are designed to provide a well-rounded, real-life approach to efficiently improve the four major skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking) in fun, interactive ways.
Motivation: Setting up a reward system and creating a positive learning environment.
Accountability: Using strategies and worksheets to keep yourself accountable and motivated.

Most importantly, our goal is to make learning English fun for life.

If you love the course, leave a review and let me know your favorite tip!
Who is the target audience?

This course is for English learners who are serious and self-motivated about learning and using English.
This course is for people looking for tips, resources and creative activity ideas to make learning English fun and relevant.
This course is for English learners who want to feel confident and comfortable using English naturally in real-life situations.
This course is also for English teachers looking for more tips and techniques to motivate their students.

Created by Tannia Suárez
Last updated 9/2018

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