Uncommon Causes of Stroke

Uncommon Causes of Stroke Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Date: 2018-08-31
ISBN-10: 1107147441
ISBN-13: 9781107147447
Language: English
Pages: 644
Added: 2018-07-05 13:32:13

Now in its third edition, this essential and detailed guide provides wide-ranging support for those diagnosing, treating and assessing complex types of cerebrovascular diseases, in a high pressure, time-constrained environment. Authored by leading clinicians in the field of neurology, and supported by advanced in brain-mapping technologies, this cutting-edge manual provides physicians, neurologists and emergency practitioners at all levels with a vital commentary on those relatively uncommon types of cerebrovascular disease that can lead to patients suffering a stroke. This new edition offers chapter-by-chapter imaging findings, evaluation and management advice, alongside insights into new topics such as CARASIL, sickle cell disease, radiation-induced cerebrovascular disease and blue rubber bleb syndrome. Updated and thorough, the guide provides a clear presentation on the nature, diagnosis, and treatment of everyday symptoms, through to more specialised cases. Building upon existing experience, practitioners can confidently assess patient needs, and correctly diagnose symptoms first time. Show more Show less abad8417b3e62d984f3251ad68659cbchttp://tezfiles.com/file/f7e266ffee09e Size: (81.60 MB) File name: 1107147441.pdf File size: 81.60 MB