Under Fire by Oliver L. North, William Novak +

Under Fire: An American Story – The Explosive Autobiography Of Oliver North by Oliver L. North, William Novak
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Overview: With a cast of characters that includes Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Robert "Bud" McFarlane, William Casey and John Poindexter, Oliver North tells for the first time the story of his life and reveals the startling details about top secret hostage negotiations, arms sales to Iran, and the covert pipeline funds to the Nicaraguan contras–all of which erupted before the stunned American public as the "Iran-Contra Affair". From his birth in Texas and childhood in upstate New York to his service in Vietnam, from his assignment as head of a clandestine counter-terrorist group within the U.S. government to the hearings and trial that ensued, Oliver North tells his candid and compelling story.
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