Understanding DSLR Lenses: An Illustrated Guidebook

Author(s): Al Judge

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Understanding DSLR Lenses will painlessly provide help and insight into the often confusing and intimidating world of DSLR Camera Lenses. The ability to change lenses is one of the greatest strengths of the DSLR camera but Lens Selection requires some insight. If you get serious about photography, you will spend much more money on Lenses than Cameras. The good news is that Lenses retain their value over decades and can often be used on with each new camera release. Some Lenses designed for film cameras can still be used on their digital counterparts. A wise Lens purchase will dramatically improve the quality of your images. Digital Cameras dont have to be intimidating. The underlying principles are surprisingly simple but rarely presented in laymans terms. Like any other area of specialization, photography has its own language. Fortunately, you only need to understand a few of terms and concepts to get started. This guide to PHOTOGRAPHY BASICS builds a solid foundation of photographic knowledge with easy-to-follow discussions of everything that you need to know in order to get started with confidence. Every photographic term used in the book is clearly defined and thoroughly explained. All terms are also highlighted by using BOLD CAPS so that you can easily find them again to refresh your memory.
This Photographic Guide will take the mystery out of digital cameras, camera choices, and Photographic Jargon. This book is filled with charts, illustrations and photos that take the discussion to new levels. You will not only understand the terminology and techniques discussed, but you will have a much better understanding of how your camera works and what is actually happening when you make adjustments. The charts and photos should help you to retain what you learn and put it to good use immediately. Although this book provides a fast-track approach to achieving photographic competence it does not rely on previous knowledge.

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