Unit Testing

Unit Testing
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Learn about the benefits of unit testing, and what you should and shouldn’t be testing in your Vue apps.

Have you ever deployed a new feature in your app and crossed your fingers, hoping you don�t wake up to the news that you�ve accidentally introduced a brand new bug? You can greatly reduce these kinds of concerns, and strengthen your Vue apps, by testing your application.

A thoroughly tested application generally consists of a well implemented combination of several kinds of testing, including End to End (E2E) testing, sometimes Integration testing, Snapshot testing, and Unit Testing. This course specifically serves as a beginner�s guide to unit testing in Vue. As you�ll see throughout the course, unit tests serve as the foundation of a well tested app.

In this course, we�ll be using the popular Jest JavaScript testing library to run our tests, along with Vue Test Utils, the official unit testing utility library for Vue.


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