Up In Flames: Texas Vampire Rangers 1 …

Up In Flames: Texas Vampire Rangers 1 (volume 1)

Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences. Contains language and actions some may deem offensive. MF In book one of the Texas Vampire Rangers: The law enforcement agency of the Texas Rangers is made up almost entirely of vampires, something the public knows nothing about. Well, at least not yet, but they could soon if the Rangers don’t apprehend an out-of-control rogue vampire who has been on a killing spree for two years, leaving a lengthening trail of young dead women. Meredith was in the wrong place at the wrong time when she witnessed an attack on a young woman. The assailant wants to tie up loose ends, and has hunted her ever since. When she feels she has no options left, she turns her trust over to a man who has taken an oath to protect. Ranger Lucas Calloway was left for dead, and looking back on his life he wouldn’t have changed a thing, except for one-he would have loved to have found his mate before he left this earth. No one is more shocked than him when he not only wakes in a hospital, but finds himself looking into the eyes of his mate. Meredith and Lucas barely have time to acknowledge they are mates before the game changes. The rogues have found her, yet again, and a leak in the Ranger unit has the potential to not only crush the tight knit family, but bury them-literally. Join the Vampire Rangers as they use their strength, and added senses to strive to right the wrongs. With the ability to live forever, time is always on their side.

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