Vampire Knight by Dan Davis

Vampire Knight by Dan Davis (The Immortal Knight Chronicles #4)
English | 2018 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 422 KB

The immortal knight, Richard of Ashbury, tracks a vampire through the battlefields of the Hundred Years War.
AD 1346. King Edward III seeks to take the crown of France by right of conquest.
On the battlefield of Crecy, Richard confronts a mysterious knight with inhuman strength fighting beneath a banner as black as death.

To find his enemy, Richard assembles a company of veteran men-at-arms and deadly English archers.
Together, they must invade France and bring a mighty French army to battle.

But Richard’s hunt for the murderous knight is brought to a sudden halt by the worst disaster Europe has ever known.
As millions die and his loved ones fall to the pestilence, Richard searches the darkest corners of Christendom for the chance of finding a cure.
What he discovers will change him, and all of history, forever.