Varena Decuir – Core Genius Intelligence

Varena Decuir – Core Genius Intelligence
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Varena’s seven powerful Genius Initiationsâ„¢ empower you to move to the next level of your magnificent self. Varena is uniquely gifted to help you move past even the most stubborn blocks and release embedded trauma. Once these areas are cleared you are ready to receive targeted, advanced activations for each energy center.
If you are currently

Acting out of anger, worry, fear
Excess, hyper intensity, emotional extremes, suppression or oppression
Overly self-critical, low self-esteem lost in emotional instincts or hunches overwhelm
Over emotional, conflict and drama in relationships
Workaholic patterns and behaviors
Victim mentality and attitude
Being separate and isolated

But you would like to

Maintain right action for manifesting
Power to inspire self or others to follow an ideal or dream, taking action for making it happen in a balanced, sacred way
Secure success using common sense intelligent investigation & trusting yourself
Enhance harmony while owning and integrating your shadow side
Creative intelligence to carry through and implement your Soul plans
Effortless intuitive manifestation
Know at a deep level that all things ARE possible

Work with these special Genius Initiation processes to

DISCOVER and OPEN you to the activation of your true inner Genius

DISSOLVE the traumas holding your Genius back

DECLARE a new life of Fulfillment, Gratitude and Joyous Happiness

The Genius Initiationsâ„¢ support physical healing, but they are also a spiritual initiation process that accesses potent Electro-magnetic Radiatory Love Energy, allowing your true Genius essence to unfold and express.

Now is the time to break free from your old habit patterns and beliefs; your excuses, and problematic obstacles. With Varena’s super charged program you will DISSOLVE blockages and ‘adaptive traumas’ that have been sabotaging your life and DISCOVER that your natural Genius when set free and allowed to express, brings you a life of joyful health, gratitude, happiness, and so much more. DECLARE a life of spiritual abundance you truly deserve.

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