VEGAN RECIPES for Beginners. Vegan Cookbook with Tasty, Quick and Easy Plant-based Recipes. 21-Da…

Author(s): VEGAN RECIPES for Beginners. Vegan Cookbook with Tasty, Quick and Easy Plant-based Recipes. 21-Day M

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*** Please note: Each recipe has a quality food photo.
– Oh, gracious! What can a man have for dinner?
– Im sick of all of these already, isnt there something exciting to try?
– Can anyone help with a new recipe, please?
Hey, how many of those questions have you asked yourself?
No kidding, most vegans that I have met confess to asking at least one of these questions. They often explain that they had some nice suggestions that they tried last year. But those dishes soon became routine, and they needed some more exciting recipes they could try again.
I have managed a vegan restaurant for a considerable time. I have also studied how many vegans troop into restaurants not because they were too busy to cook, but because they had no idea what to eat and they hoped to find some tempting food on the menu.
I have come to realize that vegans enjoy themselves when they eat different delicacies. They are usually inspired when they realize they can make so many different things as a vegan, and the secret to making many delicacies is in their hands right now. I realize the importance of these food ideas to vegans, and I have decided to offer a hand to as many vegans as possible a chief reason behind this book.
Guess what I did? Rang up top friends who head up top vegan restaurants in the country and requested great ideas on vegan diets. I coupled the results with my discoveries.
So, right in this book, you will discover the most delicious, most demanded, highly nutritious, and easily made vegan meals in the US. Its not just their list, you should look forward to their recipes, and step by step details on how to make each and all of them.
In this book, you will find a variety of recipes for:
quick and easy breakfast
protein salads with healthy nutrients
high protein smoothies
delicious meals ideas for lunch and dinners
savory snacks
desserts and treats for a good mood
and every vegan dish you can imagine.

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