Vertebrate And Invertebrate Respiratory Proteins, Lipoproteins And …

Vertebrate And Invertebrate Respiratory Proteins, Lipoproteins And Other Body Fluid Proteins

This book focuses on respiratory proteins, the broad hemoglobin family, as well as the molluscan and arachnid hemocyanins (and their multifunctional roles). Featuring 20 chapters addressing invertebrate and vertebrate respiratory proteins, lipoproteins and other body fluid proteins, and drawing on the editors extensive research in the field, it is a valuable addition to the Subcellular Biochemistry book series. The book covers a wide range of topics, including lipoprotein structure and lipid transport diverse annelid, crustacean and insect defense proteins and insect and vertebrate immune complexes. It also discusses a number of other proteins, such as the hemerythrins serum albumin serum amyloid A von Willebrand factor and its interaction with factor VIII and C-reactive protein. Given its scope, the book appeals to biologists, biomedical scientists and clinicians, as well as advanced undergraduates and postgraduates in these disciplines. Available as a printed book and also as an e-book and e-chapters, the fascinating material included is easily accessible

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