Victor The Assassin (1-8) – Tom Wood

Written by Tom Wood
Read by Daniel Philpott
Format: MP3
Bitrate: Mixed

1. The Killer
2. The Enemy
3. The Game
4. No Tomorrow
5. The Darkest Day
6. A Time To Die
7. The Final Hour
8. Kill For Me

The Killer
Note: The Hunter is the UK title. It is titled ‘The Killer’ in the US.

Forget James Bond. Forget Jason Bourne. Forget Jack Bauer. Meet Victor: He’s an assassin-a man with the no past and no surname. But when a job in Paris goes spectacularly wrong, Victor finds himself running for his life across four continents accompanied by a woman too beautiful to trust . . . pursued by enemies too powerful to escape.

The hunter has become the hunted

Victor is a freelancer, a professional, a killer-the best there is. He’s ice cold, methodical, and deadly. He lives alone. He operates alone. No one knows his background, or even his name. For him, business is a straight transaction. He’s given a job; he takes out the target; he gets paid.

He’s in Paris to perform a standard kill and collect for an anonymous client. The contract is simple, routine, and Victor completes it with trademark efficiency, only to find himself in the middle of an ambush and fighting for his life. Faced with powerful and determined enemies, and caught in the crossfire of an international conspiracy unfolding across four continents, Victor is forced to go on the run across a winter-ravaged Europe. Pursued by the authorities, hired assassins, and intelligence agencies from both sides of the Atlantic, he discovers that no place is safe for him anymore and there is no one he can trust.

But Victor is no easy target, and he’s every bit as ruthless as those hunting him. He will find out who wants him dead and why, one corpse at a time. Assassin (1-8) - Tom Wood.rar

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