Archicad Interactive Training Guide | 814 MB
Thank you for beginning the interactive training program for Archicad 10. Scroll down to view a technical start-up guidance clip, so your next step toward interactive learning will be a smooth one. You can download the Training Guide free-of-charge for both Macintosh® and for Windows® platform.

Before starting to download this guide, please note:

* To gain the most from the unique benefits and simplicity of learning in an interactive environment, it is recommended that you install Archicad 10 onto your computer. Once you have this installed, do not forget to install the "AC10 MoviePlayer" plug-in which is part of your downloaded package.
* But of course, you are free to download this guide even without having Archicad 10 on your computer (in one "pack", or in several chunks). In this case, you can view the e-Guide PDF document and also watch the narrated movies. (Please note that you will also need to have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader as well as Apple QuickTime 7 Player on your computer


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