Adam Horwitz - Mobile Monopoly

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Member's AreaMobile Monopoly is by far the best mobile marketing course that I’ve seen. Actually it is the only one I know of, which goes to show how under exposed this market really is. At first once inside the members area the information seen may be a little too much to take in all at once. Watching the introductory video will put everything into perspective and give you a lay out of how to get the most out of the course, and most importantly what action to take next and get started as fast as possible. The full course consists of “all video” tutorials broken down in 10 sequential modules. Each module is geared toward a specific theme to make it easier to navigate the course.

In addition to the Mobile Monopoly Course you get the:

Email Marketing Course:

Yes, you get an email marketing course. This is a series of 9-videos created specifically to go hand-in-hand with mobile monopoly. Using the strategies he explains, Adam was able to generate a list of 20,000 people in one month’s time. In this course you will learn how he did it so you can do it also.

Outsourcing Course:

In my opinion this is one of the most crucial aspects to any business. Because when you get to this point of your success, you stop working and start enjoying life. When you master the outsourcing course you can retire your self… seriously.

40 Proven Mobile Campaigns:

These are 40 profitable campaigns that Adam and Tim have used in the past. What I like about these 40 campaigns is how diverse they are in nature. You would think that there is only one way to market on mobile phones, but no… there’s lots.

I do have to mention one thing though, I did try one of the profitable campaigns and unfortunately I did not get very good results. Time didn’t allow me to attempt any of the different campaigns but the point I want to make here is “Don’t buy Mobile Monopoly” solely based on these 40 profitable campaigns, because you will be greatly disappointed.

As an entrepreneur you have to think correctly, and success can’t really be passed on like this. I’m not saying none of the campaigns are profitable, but if worst comes to worst you will have 40 examples on how to correctly set up diverse kinds of campaigns.

BeastMobi Software Tool

Mobile MonopolyI really don’t know if Adam will offer the BeastMobi tool as part of the course or as a separate product all together, but have a chance to get it I highly recommend you do because it will make things a whole lost simpler.

Pretty much BeastMobi is a tool that will automatically generate high converting mobile optimized campaigns for lead generation, CPA offers, or any other type other offer you’d like to promote on mobile phones.

It also offers many more features including mobile optimized squeeze pages, mobile banners, text message marketing, and much more.

BeastMobi tracks all your campaigns and provides detailed statistics of your campaign allowing you to make tweaks for higher conversions!

All you do is place your mobile optimized campaign (created by BeastMobi) and run it on a mobile advertising platform!

Ultimately BeastMobi will provide a turn-key solution allowing users to submit campaigns directly from the site saving them a lot of time.In a nutshell, BeastMobi is going to revolutionize mobile marketing and allow ANYONE to get involved and set up campaigns even if they’re complete newbies online.

BeastMobi is finally simplifying the way we market on mobile phones!

Oh and a new feature that was just added is now it’s setup where you can send someone to a squeeze page and then when they enter their email they are redirected to an email submit with their email address pre populated in the CPA offer so they just gotta click submit and you got the lead and the cash! All on their cell phone.

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