Virtual Dark Tourism: Ghost Roads through Kathryn N. McDaniel

Virtual Dark Tourism: Ghost Roads through Kathryn N. McDaniel
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Overview: This ebook takes the concept that of “darkish tourism”-journeys to websites of dying, struggling, and calamity-in an leading edge but very important path through making use of it to the digital geographical regions of literature, movie and tv, the Internet, and gaming. Essays center of attention each at the ingenious development of imaginary trips and the historiographic and civic penalties of such memorializations. From World War II time-travel novels to Game of Thrones, and from Internet reproductions of Rwandan genocide places to invented tragedies in futuristic domain names, authors from quite a lot of fields read about the aim and affect of simulated travels to morbid websites. Designed for a large target audience of students and vacationers digital and actual, this quantity raises consciousness concerning the many pathways wherein we come across dying studies in recent society. What we all know concerning the past-or, what we expect we find out about it-is formed day-to-day through such imagined trips as those.
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