Voyage to the Other World by Calvin B. Kendall

Voyage to the Other World: The Legacy of Sutton Hoo by Calvin B. Kendall
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Overview: A collection of 10 essays on The legacy of Sutton Hoo’ emerging from a conference organized by the University of Minnesota in 1989. Contributors include: Alan Stahl (the Sutton Hoo coin parcel); Edward Schoenfield and Jana Schulman (an economic assessment); Roberta Frank, Robert Creed (Beowulf and Sutton Hoo); Simon Keynes (Raedwald the Bretwalda); Wesley Stevens (sidereal time in Anglo-Saxon England); Else Roesdahl (princely burial in Scandinavia); Henrik Jansen (the archaeology of Danish commercial centres); Martin Carver (the future of Sutton Hoo) .
Genre: Non-Fiction > History

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