Wanderlust USA: An Uber Curious Guide to Sassy American Pastimes [Audiobook]

Wanderlust, USA: An Uber-Curious Guide to Sassy American Pastimes [Audiobook] by Flula Borg
English | 2020 | ASIN: B07WPG7TD2 | [email protected] kbps | 4h 26m | 238 MB
Conan fan favorite and eccentric YouTube personality Flula Borg presents his first audiobook, a full-length travel-adventure through America’s most coveted cultural events!
Flula Borg’s fascination with America and its “peoples” have warmed hearts nationwide. A frequent guest of Conan O’Brien, the German-born actor and multi-talented entertainer (think Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat crossed with Billy Eichner) fell in love with the United States upon his first visit as a young boy. Throughout his career, he has succeeded in regaling audiences with stories from his outlandish travel exploits while paying homage to his German upbringing, culminating in a personality that is supercharged and charmingly wholesome.
In this zany, eye-opening, and delightful six-part audio series, Flula travels the breadth of the United States in search of its coveted and weirdest pastimes to learn more about the country and to better understand what drives people to these cultural events. His adventures include:
Experiencing the famed Iditarod dog-sledding race in Alaska
Partying Up during the US Open of Surfing in California
Donning Elvis duds for Elvis Week in Mississippi
Portraying a minuteman at Lexington’s famous Revolutionary War reenactment
In each episode, Flula can be found “shooting the poops”, as he calls it, with the people he meets, including event organizers, participants, founders, and spectators. His goal is to understand what these quintessentially American event means to the communities involved, how each came to exist, and why they have all persisted – and of course, how he can take part! In addition, each segment is filled with brief anecdotes about Flula’s childhood and his burgeoning love for America.
Infused with Flula’s infectious enthusiasm, Wanderlust, USA is an immersive and uproarious experience that reveals the heart of America in a unique way. Boom!