We Deserve Better Villains by Jai Kristjan

We Deserve Better Villains: A Video Game Design Survival Guide by Jai Kristjan
Requirements: EPUB Reader 2.23 MB
Overview: We Deserve Better Villains is a highly accessible how-to guide for video game designers no matter what level of experience to understand what is needed to be successful in the development cycle of any video game from concept to supporting the gamelive. Each chapter outlines a period in a video games development cycle, what key concepts need to be on a designers mind and how they can work to improve themselves every step of the way. To help visualize the journey the chapters start with a section centered on the reader as a hero character in a fictitious adventure video game that faces the trials and tribulations of the development cycle to completing the game. We all deserve better games, better heroes and villains which starts with learning what it takes to survive in the game development system as a videogame designer.
Genre: Non-Fiction – Tech & Devices

Key Features
• Accessible enough for novices, insightful enough for veteran game designers
• Allows readers of at any level of video game knowledge to connect with the struggle of making a video game
• Concepts are delivered in a short, specific approach followed with practical exercises to follow to getting the reader into action to improve their skills

Download Instructions:
https://rapidgator.net/file/2dfbd032e1d2 … .epub.html

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