Web Development Environment In Ubuntu 18.04 Vm On Windows

Web Development Environment in Ubuntu 18.04 VM on Windows
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Duration: 1.5 hour | Genre: eLearning | Language: English
Learn to setup web development environment to kick start your career!
What Will I Learn?

Create Virtual Machine

Install Chrome Browser
Install Oracle JRE and JDK
Setup Python Environment & Install Virtual Environment
Install dJango Web Framework using Python Virtual Environment
Install MySQL Server & MySQL Workbench
Create a user in MySQL and connect to MySQL Server from MySQL Workbench
Install Atom Editor
Install Sublime Text Editor
Install PyCharm Community Edition IDE for Python Development
Install Eclipse
Install Brackets Editor
Install NetBeans IDE 8.2
Create BitBucket account & Create a repository
Clone repository on Ubuntu machine and push changes to BitBucket
A Windows computer with Internet access that supports virtualization
Ubuntu is FREE and great for development environment.
You will learn to: (We will add more)
Creat Virtual Machine VirtualBox
Install Ubuntu 18.04 Desktop OS in a VM using VirtualBox
Update Ubuntu 18.04
Install Chrome
Install Oracle JRE & JDK
Install/Setup Python Environment
Install/Setup django Environment
Install MySQL
Install MySQL Workbench
Install Atom
Install Sublime Text
Install Brackets
Install PyCharm
Install Eclipse
Install Netbeans 8.2
Create Bitbucket Account & Create a repository
Verify git installation
Clone Bitbucket Repository
Push changes to BitBucket
Who is the target audience?
The course designed for beginners who want to setup web development environment on windows machine.
Fresh IT graduates who wants to jump start their web environment setup.
A windows user who wants to explore web development environment on Ubuntu.
This course is NOT for experienced Linux users.

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