What Can’t be True by Bo Thunboe

What Can’t be True by Bo Thunboe
English | 2018 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 348 KB

When Boy Scouts find a human skull in a car they pull from the bottom of Radar Grove Lagoon, it will prove to be only the first thread in a web of lies and corruption reaching to the highest corridors of power.
The investigation is assigned to Major Crimes Detective Jake Houser, whose mission to avenge the dead often pits him against institutional authority. Jake dives into the past and soon finds that powerful forces are destroying evidence and setting every branch of the criminal justice system against him.
The case takes a dark and personal turn when Jake connects the murdered man to his uncle, political power broker Bull Warren, and the cover-up to his cousin, Sheriff Bev Warren.
How deeply were they involved? And how far is Jake willing to go to investigate his own family’s buried secrets?
As Jake closes in on a killer, his loyalties are put to the test. He’s about to learn just how committed he is to true justice.
And what it will cost him.