What Would Dolly Do by Lauren Marino

What Would Dolly Do?: How to Be a Diamond in a Rhinestone World by Lauren Marino
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Overview: A colorful homage to country music matriarch Dolly Parton that captures the unique humor, no-nonsense wisdom, flash, and sass of one of America’s most iconic stars.
One of 12 children raised in a shack in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Dolly Parton grew to become an international superstar. She is a reflection of the American dream, a role model for the ages, and a mentor to a whole new generation of entertainers. There is much to be learned from her unique brand, her big heart and spirituality, her grit and work ethic, which prompt the question, "What Would Dolly Do?"
This lively collection – part biography, part inspiration, part words of wisdom and life lessons – highlights the very best of the "Dolly Mama", from her quotable Dollyisms, unrelenting positivity, and powerful spirituality, to her belief in the human ability to overcome adversity. Drawing on Dolly’s two autobiographies, cookbooks, and songs; books by her family members; biographies; and decades worth of television, print interviews, and performances, What Would Dolly Do? shows you how to tap into your Inner Dolly with confidence, faith, and humor.
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