When Giants Collide by Jake Bible

When Giants Collide by Jake Bible (Mega 03)
Requirements: .MP3 reader, 238 MB
Overview: Team Grendel has made some enemies.
The team of ex-Navy SEALs, scientists, and highly trained misfits may have saved countless lives, but they are now paying for their heroism. Pursued relentlessly across the globe by an unknown group, Team Grendel finds themselves disavowed by the United States and other sovereign nations for their work outside legal channels.
Across the Pacific Ocean, Team Grendel must flee – headed for a sanctuary only their boss and benefactor knows about and fighting for their lives the entire way. But, as is the luck of Team Grendel, there’s more than just human enemies chasing them down. As they battle their way across the open waters, something so giant, so relentless, and so hungry, pursues them – ready to end their war on the monsters of the deep. The mother of their nightmares has come to the surface and it will not stop until the team is dead and devoured!
Yet even a monster shark of nightmarish proportions has its own enemy, and Team Grendel is about to find out what happens When Giants Collide!
Genre: Audiobooks > Fiction

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