When I Do Relationships So Right How Do They Go So Wrong: Using Emotional Maturity to Transform Y…

When I Do Relationships So Right How Do They Go So Wrong: Using Emotional Maturity to Transform Your Mind (Audiobook)
English | 2018 | ISBN: n/a | ASIN: B07HKQ22J7 | 9 hours and 33 minutes | M4B 64 kbps | 260 MB

When I Do Relationships So Right How Do They Go So Wrong: Using Emotional Maturity to Transform Your Mind, Your Relationships, and the Generations to Come by Dana Elken Terrell and Inc. Comprehensive Therapy Approach

How can you possibly be successful in life if you’re not successful with your relationships?

How do rewarding relationships manage to turn into relationship problems?

Have you ever felt no matter what you do to make things right, you end up feeling the same pain, disappointment, and despair of relationships gone bad?

How do you let people know you just want to get along? How do you stop them from always derailing your best efforts? How do you help them stop judging you incorrectly?

Whether it’s family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, business partners, fellow students, teachers – or any other relationship – this book will help you uncover hidden habits and patterns that are silently damaging your relationships.

Once you recognize the patterns and understand how they work, you can replace them with new ways that change all the rules.

Self-help secrets you will gain from this book:

Identify the four common patterns society taught you that are silently derailing your interpersonal relations.
Adopt four ways to address these patterns to turn your relationships back into rewarding ones.
Uncover the key reason your friends, loved ones, and associates react in confusing ways to your good intentions and learn how to heal the problem.
Learn new ways to approach difficult situations you previously considered insurmountable.
Relate to stories of others and apply them to your own life.
Stop the emotional pain of taking things personally when they’re not.
Use emotional maturity to create miraculous relationship improvements.
Improve your communication and social skills and interact confidently in all situations.
Gain the conflict-resolution skills you need to deal with unexpected challenges.
Become best friends with yourself by understanding your values, principles, feelings, needs, and boundaries.
Grow a life-long support system.
Apply all this new knowledge to any type of relationship.
Become a positive leader in your network, creating mutually-supportive friends based on all you’ve learned.

Relationship books are plentiful, but this one is different. You need real answers for the mysteries of relationships. You need to get to the heart of what’s not working so you can quickly change it and succeed. This book reveals unique answers, proven to work, that are not commonly found elsewhere.