When the Man Comes Around by Bradley Wright

When the Man Comes Around by Bradley Wright English | 2018 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB, MOBI | 1.6 MB
Former FBI rising star, Lawson Raines, isn’t the man he used to be. He’s become a monster. Losing your wife, your daughter, and spending ten years behind bars will do that to a man. Especially an innocent one . . .
Now Lawson’s life sentence has been pardoned, and the people who conspired to put him away are desperately scrambling to bury their little secret in the Las Vegas desert once and for all.
Dodging bullets while chasing clues, Lawson races to uncover the truth behind the conspiracy against him. Along the way, friends become enemies, enemies become friends, and a broken man realizes that his only path to redemption, is revenge. But that path is paved with powerful people-dangerous people. People who took everything from him. And if Lawson can evade their pursuit long enough to find them, he’ll prove that a man with nothing to lose might just be the most dangerous of them all.
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