Where the Stars End by Ross Anthony

Where the Stars End by Ross Anthony
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 195 KB

“Understand, I am no hero. I am merely a survivor.”
College Freshman, Milo, sets off into the crosswalk.
With every step he takes toward the beginning of his uncertain future, he recounts the events which led him to this day. As he loses himself in thought, a car appears, racing toward him showing no intent of slowing. Though just as quickly as the car speeds towards him, someone pulls him to safety. Looking into the beautiful hero’s eyes, Milo assumes he’s safe, but the world has other plans.
Everything Milo’s single mother raised him to be is about to be challenged by life itself, which not only happens when one is least expecting it, but he chooses to ignore it. Love, hate, religion, politics. ignorance isn’t always bliss.
The shadows are rising, and the “Great Cleanse” is coming.
Will Milo find where the stars end?

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