Why Am I Still Alive? by Brian Hogan

Why Am I Still Alive?: And Other Railway Short Stories by Brian Hogan
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Overview: How fortunate have I been. For over 40 years of working in the rail environment, death has evaded me on so many occasions. Working around and amongst fast moving passenger and freight trains was like swimming in a shark infested pool. Danger is there at all times. These true stories tell of how close I came to being a casualty on many occasions when face to face with moving trains. Working in various roles over many years to keep the trains running has brought some amazing experiences and situations that would certainly not occur today. This book also contains a series of short stories that explain the ‘behind the scenes’ activities I have been involved in to keep the rail system working. Reading this book will provide some delightful insights into the way we managed the rail infrastructure so the trains could meet their timetables back then.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Biographies

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