Why Women Love Cavemen by Jani Zubkovs

Why Women Love Cavemen – A Mans Guide to Tame the Bitch by Jani Zubkovs
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Overview: You know what? It all started With the cavemen …
In the old days, a caveman grabbed his club, snatched a hold of his cave woman, yanked her by her hair, grunted and hauled her off for wild sex.
And now, thousands of years later … the world you live in, has not changed much.
Because of the media portraying men as pussies or worse yet sissies, and women dictating how you act, you never knew that acting like a "caveman" is what women really want.
After years of failed relationships and volumes of "Dear John" letters, the convoluted, confused and sometimes insane thinking of women suddenly descrambled in my brain.
Does Your Lover Trample You? If you just nodded your head "yes," then it’s time to TAME THE BITCH.
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