Wicca Magic Starter Kit by Lisa Chamberlain

Wicca Magic Starter Kit: Candle Magic, Crystal Magic, and Herbal Magic by Lisa Chamberlain (Wicca Books)
Requirements: ePUB reader, 1.2 MB
Overview: Everything You Need to Know to Start Working Magic with Candles, Crystals and Herbs
Many people who are drawn to explore Witchcraft and magic find themselves confronted by a crucial question: where to begin? With all of the available information from diverse and sometimes conflicting perspectives, choosing your first resources can be a daunting task. But your decision just got easier with the new Magic Starter Kit! Bringing together three top guides from best-selling author Lisa Chamberlain Candle Magic, Crystal Magic and Herbal Magic this set of books makes for a well-rounded entry point into the wide, wild world of the Craft.
Genre: Non Fiction > Faith, Beliefs & Philosophy

Candle Magic
Candle Magic is an ideal starting point for anyone new to the Craft. Simple, elegant, and highly symbolic, candles make it easy to work with the powers of color and fire in the form of a single mesmerizing flame. With a simple step-by-step breakdown of the underlying processes of magical manifestation, advice for choosing and preparing candles for spellwork, and a host of spells and techniques written for beginners, this guide will have you well on your way to working successful magic while building your confidence in your own inherent abilities.

Crystal Magic
Crystal Magic introduces you to the wondrous world of crystals and other mineral stones. These beautiful marvels of Nature are “hard-wired” to assist us in manifesting our magical goals. In this volume, Lisa explains how the powerful energies of crystals can be harnessed on the vibrational level to create the changes you seek. You’ll then meet 13 of the most widely used crystals in contemporary magic, including their primary magical properties and tips on how to select and care for them. The guide also features spells and magical workings using crystals and stones, including elixirs, crystal/candle spells and charms.

Herbal Magic
Herbal Magic covers the oldest and broadest of all magical traditions. In this guide, you’ll learn about the specific properties of the plant kingdom that make herbs invaluable to Witches, shamans, and healers alike. Using core concepts found in the ancient wisdom of the Hermetic Principles, Lisa illustrates how the conscious energies of herbs can assist you in your manifestations. The spell section includes the widest variety of Craft workings in the series: teas, baths, oils, charms and smudging rituals, along with a few classic herb and candle spells to round out your magical education.

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