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Wilbur Addison Smith (born 9 January 1933 in Broken Hill, Northern Rhodesia, now Kabwe, Zambia) is a best-selling novelist. His writings come with 16th and 17th century stories in regards to the founding of the southern territories of Africa and the next adventures and global intrigues related to those settlements. His books frequently fall into one in all 3 sequence. These works of fiction draw on historical past and assist to provide an explanation for the upward push and ancient affect of the Dutch and English whites in southern Africa that finally claimed this diamond and gold wealthy and disputed territory as house.
As a toddler, he used to be unwell with swag flu for ten days, however made a complete restoration. He spent the primary years of his lifestyles on his father’s livestock ranch which consisted of 12,000 hectares (25,000 acres) of woodland, hills and savannah. On the ranch his partners had been the sons of the ranch staff, small black boys with the similar pursuits and preoccupations as Wilbur Smith. With his partners he ranged in the course of the bush, mountaineering, searching, and trapping birds and small mammals. His mom learn to him each and every night time and later gave him novels of break out and pleasure, which piqued his passion in fiction; on the other hand, his father dissuaded him from pursuing writing.
He went to boarding faculty at Cordwalles Preparatory School in Natal (now Kwa-Zulu Natal). While in Natal he endured to be an avid reader and had the great fortune to have an English grasp who made Wilbur Smith his protégé, and would talk about the books Wilbur had learn that week. Unlike Wilbur’s father and lots of others, the English grasp made it transparent to Wilbur that being a bookworm used to be praiseworthy, reasonably than one thing to be embarrassed about and let Wilbur know that his writings confirmed nice promise. He tutored Wilbur on how to reach dramatic results, to expand characters and to stay a tale shifting ahead.
Next he went to Michaelhouse (St Michael’s academy for younger gents) located at the foothills of the Drakensberg mountains. He by no means felt like he "fitted in" with the folk, targets, and pursuits of the opposite scholars at Michaelhouse. On a good notice, he did get started a faculty newspaper at Michaelhouse for which he wrote all the content material, except for for the sports activities pages. His weekly satirical column turned into mildly well-known, and had been circulated so far as afield as Wykham Collegiate and St Annes.
Later Wilbur attended Rhodes University in Grahamstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa. He turned into a journalist, writing about social prerequisites in South Africa, however his father’s recommendation to "Get an actual process" induced him to develop into a tax accountant (chartered accountant). After he certified as a Chartered Accountant, he married and had two youngsters. The marriage ended badly and the divorce resulted in alimony and kid strengthen bills that left him penniless at best twenty 4 years of age.
He grew to become again to his past love, fiction and this time he made up our minds to jot down it, and to his pride discovered that he used to be ready to promote his first tale to ‘Argosy’ mag for seventy kilos, which used to be two times his per 30 days wage. His first try at a unique, ‘The Gods First Make Mad’, used to be rejected so for a time he returned to paintings as a tax accountant, till the urge to jot down as soon as once more crushed him.

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Courtney sequence

Wilbur Smith – When The Lion Feeds (learn through Richard Brown)
Wilbur Smith – The Sound Of Thunder (learn through Richard Brown)
Wilbur Smith – A Sparrow Falls (learn through Tim Pigott-Smith)
Wilbur Smith – The Burning Shore (learn through Richard Brown)
Wilbur Smith – Power Of The Sword (learn through Richard Brown)
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Wilbur Smith – Monsoon (learn through Tim Pigott-Smith)
Wilbur Smith – Blue Horizon (learn through Tim Pigott-Smith)
Wilbur Smith – The Triumph Of The Sun (learn through Tim Pigott-Smith)
Wilbur Smith – Assegai (learn through Simon Vance)
Wilbur Smith – Golden Lion (learn through Sean Barrett)
Wilbur Smith – War Cry (learn through Sean Barrett)
Wilbur Smith – The Tiger’s Prey (learn through Mike Grady)

Ancient Egypt sequence

Wilbur Smith – River God (learn through Jon Cartwright)
Wilbur Smith – The Seventh Scroll (learn through Jon Cartwright)
Wilbur Smith – Warlock (learn through Stephen Thorne)
Wilbur Smith – The Quest (learn through Simon Vance)
Wilbur Smith – Desert God (learn through Mike Grady)
Wilbur Smith – Pharaoh (learn through Mike Grady)

Ballantyne sequence

Wilbur Smith – A Falcon Flies (learn through Stephen Thorne)
Wilbur Smith – Men Of Men (learn through Richard Brown)
Wilbur Smith – The Angels Weep (learn through Richard Brown)
Wilbur Smith – The Leopard Hunts In Darkness (learn through Stephen Thorne)

Hector Cross sequence

Wilbur Smith – Those In Peril (learn through Rupert Degas)
Wilbur Smith – Vicious Circle (learn through John Lee)
Wilbur Smith – Predator (learn through Ben Onwukwe)


Wilbur Smith – The Sunbird (learn through Steven Pacey)
Wilbur Smith – Elephant Song (learn through Richard Brown)
Wilbur Smith – Shout At The Devil (learn through Julian Glover)
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Wilbur Smith – The Eye Of The Tiger (learn through Miles Anderson)
Wilbur Smith – Hungry As The Sea (learn through Nigel Davenport)
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Wilbur Smith – The Diamond Hunters (learn through Richard Brown)
Wilbur Smith – Cry Wolf (learn through Richard Brown)
Wilbur Smith – Wild Justice (learn through Steven Pacey)
Wilbur Smith – Gold Mine (learn through David Rintoul)

Courtney sequence

Ancient Egypt sequence

Ballantyne sequence

Hector Cross sequence