Will Jordan – Ryan Drake Series

Will Jordan – Ryan Drake Series
Narrated by: Sam Devereaux


A major new thriller series featuring Ryan Drake – a British CIA agent on his most dangerous mission yet – for fans of Lee Child, David Baldacci and Vince Flynn.

Ryan Drake is a man who finds people who don’t want to be found. Once a British soldier, he now works for the CIA, leading an elite investigation team that tracks down missing agents. But his latest mission – to free a prisoner, code-named Maras, and bring her back onto US soil within 48 hours – is more dangerous than anything his team has attempted before.

Despite the risks, the team successfully completes their mission, but for Drake the real danger has only just begun. Faced with a terrible threat, he is forced to go on the run with Maras. Hunted by his former comrades, Drake is left with no choice but to trust a dangerous woman he barely knows.


The compelling second instalment of the high-octane series featuring British CIA agent Ryan Drake.

Afghanistan, 2008. A Black Hawk helicopter carrying a senior CIA operative is shot down by a surface to air missile, its lone passenger taken hostage by a fanatical new insurgent group. Knowing this man holds information vital to the ongoing conflict, the CIA bring in Ryan Drake and his elite Shepherd team to find and rescue their lost operative. But nothing is what it seems, and within hours of arriving in the war-torn country, Drake and his team find themselves caught in a deadly conflict between a brutal terrorist warlord and the ruthless leader of a private military company. And lurking in the shadows is a woman from Drake’s past determined to settle old scores….

The compelling new thriller in the high-octane series featuring British CIA agent Ryan Drake. Perfect for fans of David Baldacci and Vince Flynn.

Former soldier and elite CIA operative Ryan Drake is heading out for dinner when he witnesses a sniper attack on a crowded freeway. A motorcade full of Russian Federal Security Force members has been ambushed. Many have been killed and, worst of all, Drake discovers that the leader of the strike team was Anya – the dangerous and enigmatic woman he once risked everything to protect. Drake cannot believe her capable of such an atrocity, but with the Russians baying for blood and tensions rising, Drake and his depleted team head for Siberia to discover the truth. And here he must confront the terrifying possibility that Anya’s betrayal will unmask secrets greater and more devastating than he could ever have imagined.
Black List

A nerve-shredding action thriller from the author of Redemption. Fast-paced and gripping, Black List will appeal to fans of David Baldacci, Lee Child and Vince Flynn.

With no money and no prospects, hacker Alex Yates’ life is going nowhere until he is given a lucrative but dangerous offer – £100,000 to breach the Central Intelligence Agency’s network and recover a file known as the ‘Black List’. At first reluctant, the disappearance of an old friend leaves Alex with no choice but to return to a world he’d sworn to leave behind. But before he can unlock the file’s secrets, he finds himself the target of a nationwide manhunt. Someone wants him out of the picture fast. Plunged into a deadly race against time, and wanted by police, intelligence operatives and a ruthless covert unit, Alex is left with no choice but to accept help from the violent and unpredictable woman who first hired him.
Deception Game

A relentlessly twisting and exciting novel, Deception Game is perfect for fans of James Phelan, Chris Ryan and Vince Flynn.

With enemies closing in, time is running out for Ryan Drake. Shaken by a personal tragedy that forces him to return to the UK, he is presented with a dangerous offer – to travel to Libya and kidnap a high-ranking officer in Gaddafi’s much-feared intelligence service. In exchange, Drake will be given everything he needs to destroy the CIA’s corrupt deputy director, Marcus Cain.

Drake gathers a group of trusted allies and embarks on his most difficult mission yet. But with the desert heat blazing and a civil war looming, events soon spiral out of control. To finish the job and get the team out alive, Drake must unravel a web of deceptions and betrayals and confront the rise of a shadowy new group that threatens to change everything.

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