Wings of Change: Stories about Dragons by Lyn Worthen

Wings of Change: Stories about Dragons by Lyn Worthen (Editor)
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 650 KB

Tales of wise, ancient dragons hoarding treasure, terrorizing villages, and doing battle with noble heroes have long fascinated us. But dragons were not born old and wise, nor were heroes born brave and noble.

Wings of Change gathers tales of young dragons growing into their scales and claws, and human youths making choices that shape their destinies – destinies that will be forever changed by their interaction with the dragons that share their world.

Scales of Lapis and Jasper by Anj Dockrey
The Greatest In Iceland by Grayson Towler
Trial by Fire by Erin Fitzgerald
Two Against the Skitters by Jana S. Brown
The Prize by Melissa McShane
The Shadow Dragon by L.D.B. Taylor
Care and Feeding by Edward Ahern
Old Enough to Volunteer by Laura Ware
Touch of the Silver Dragon by Claire Davon
Blossoms in the Desert by Joni B. Haws
A Dragon’s Hoard by Angela Penrose
A Most Unserious Dragon by Annie Reed
Dragon Jet Propulsion by David H. Hendrickson
Imuji by Liz Pierce
Green Camouflage by Jamie Aldis
Invincible by Stephanie Barr
Star Dragon by C. M. Brennan
The Soul by Which We Measure Ours by C.H. Hung
Of Dragons and Centaurs by Deb Logan
Claws of Change by Deanna Baran
The Last of a Thing by Douglas Smith
Saffron Dragon by Jodi L. Milner
A Dragon Bigger than My Stories by Jonathon Mast