Winston Chase: The Complete Trilogy by Bodhi St. John

Winston Chase: The Complete Trilogy by Bodhi St. John
English | 2019 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 895 KB

Ever since becoming enthralled with Star Wars and Cosmos as a boy, I’ve loved science fiction. My wife is often appalled by how little there is to watch on my Netflix list.other than science fiction. At last, after two decades of writing for high-tech companies, I’ve gone back to my roots and started writing stories for people of all ages built around the wonder of science and the adventure of high-stakes tales about ordinary people. Meanwhile, my four sleepy teens and even sleepier Great Dane make for a busy, rewarding life here in the Pacific Northwest.

#1 – Winston Chase and the Alpha Machine
Winston’s biggest fear had always been the school bully. Turns out, waking up to being a half-alien freak was worse.
Why? Oh, maybe the bruises that glow neon blue. Or the even higher odds of being rejected by his dream girl. Or, best of all, the sudden attention from gun-toting goons in dark suits.
Winston’s mom thinks some junk left by Winston’s long-missing father in a safe deposit box might make things better. Not likely.
It’s going to take more than alien artifacts and a plastic baggie of clues to stop a mysterious government organization. It might take Winston giving up everything he’s ever wanted. And everyone.
Armed only with his wits, his snarky best friend, and a few wicked new abilities, Winston has to stay one step ahead of a lunatic and dive into the past. Otherwise, there won’t be a future.

#2 – Winston Chase and the Theta Factor
Exhausted. Nearly drowned. And only minutes away from capture. It’s not looking good for Winston.
If only the clues his father left him made sense! And would it be asking too much for that time-jumping maniac Bledsoe to let him rest and think?
Apparently so. Agents are closing in. Winston’s family may already be lost.
Winston’s friend Shade would die to help Winston recover the Alpha Machine, but one life may not be enough.

#3 – Winston Chase and the Omega
Bitter and beaten, Winston realizes his only hope for stopping Bledsoe from world domination lies with the power behind his Alpha Machine: the Omega Mesh.
Any hope of success means retrieving the last Alpha Machine piece, but Winston knows how that fatal road ends. Meanwhile, Bledsoe wants the entire Alpha Machine for himself and won’t hesitate to remove anything or anyone in his way – especially Winston.
The fate of the future is on the line, but can Winston turn his back on those he loves? Will he endure a lifetime of serving what he hates most to protect a world he’s never seen?