Wireless Network Security by Richard Meyers

Wireless Network Security: Introduction and Explanation of Cybersecurity and Hacking Technology for Wireless System, Kali Linux Tools and Other by Richard Meyers
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Overview: On the other hand, you must have watched the news and one of the stories was about a Hacker who gained credit card or bank information of numerous random individuals and made millions of dollars for himself. Some Hackers are living in exile in countries that allow them to hide from the people, companies, or governments that they hacked sensitive information. Others do not have to leave the country because no one knows their identity, but everyone knows their skills and the damage they could cause. However, it should not be an easy job, but due to the increase in "smart" gadgets in our homes, offices and pockets hackers now find other ways to access our lives with greater ease.

In an ideal situation, all computer networks would be safe from any form of interference and people would be free to share and upload information with confidence. However, we still have to arrive at this ideal situation, because even the best systems in the world have their vulnerabilities.
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