Women Who Hike: Walking With America’s Most …

Women Who Hike: Walking With America’s Most Inspiring Adventurers

A celebration of athleticism, wisdom, and skillWomen Who Hike profiles over twenty of America’s most inspiring women adventurers ranging from legends to the rising stars of today. The book is both inspirational and aspirational as each adventurer tells her story in her own words through featuring their favorite hike, highlighting personal challenges, accomplishments, and philosophy, as well as providing readers with practical how-to suggestions on maximizing not only their own potential in hiking but in life. The profiles are complemented by stunning color photographs. Each profile includes a map of the hike being profiled, hike specs, miles and directions, GPS coordinates to the trailhead, and a sidebar of something noteworthy about the hike, the location, or the adventurer. Featured adventurers: 1. Ingrid Backstrom 2. Teresa Baker 3. Gina Bgin 4. Katie Bou 5. Jainee Dial & Lindsey Elliott 6. Caroline Gleich 7. Sarah Herron 8. Shanti Hodges 9. Kristen Hostetter 10. Jen Hudak 11. Rue Mapp 12. Hilary Oliver 13. Haley Robison 14. Elyse Rylander 15. Shawnt Salabert 16. Ambreen Tariq 17. Kalen Thorien 18. Mirna Valerio 19. Jolia Varela 20. Pamela Zoolalian Enjoy Subscribe to