Women’s Health: Medical Masterclass Questions and Explanatory Answers,

Women’s Health: Medical Masterclass Questions and Explanatory Answers, Pt. 1: A Practical Guide for Health Professionals

English | ISBN: 1846190290 | 2007 | 208 Pages | PDF | 89 MB

This is a highly practical symptom-based manual of common women’s conditions. The patient-centred approach provides invaluable guidance on diagnosis, treatment and further investigation. Conditions are grouped as menstrual, hormonal, sexual, breast, urinary, pregnancy, or weight related, and within these areas each symptom is listed alphabetically for ease of reference. A helpful summary of each condition is included where possible to provide an overview, in non-technical language, for the patient. Concise and easy-to read, it is the ideal ready reference for any busy healthcare professional, especially doctors and nurses in primary care hospital emergency departments. ‘Despite brilliant advances in science, women’s health needs are still mainly focused around their unique reproductive role: contraception, unplanned pregnancy, pregnancy, infertility, the loss of fertility, body image and self esteem. I wanted to bring together information that could be used across these and other areas where women seek health advice: general practice, accident and emergency, etc. in a simple quick reference format.’ – Sarah Bekaert, in the Introduction.

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