Wood, Whiskey and Wine: A History of Barrels by Henry H. Work

Wood, Whiskey and Wine: A History of Barrels by Henry H. Work
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Overview: For over 2,000 years barrels have been used to store and transport a diverse array of commodities around the earth. The story of the barrel – from its earliest form, crafted by the Celtic tribes of northern Europe in the first millennium BC, to its contemporary uses – sheds light on the history of human development and technology. Still essential in maturing the world’s finest wines, brandies and whiskies, this ancient container survives today despite being under threat from the prevalence of plastics, cardboards and metals.
Wood, Whisky and Wine is a unique and enlightening account of the significant, but rarely acknowledged, function of wooden barrels over the past two millennia. Always adapting to the requirements of the day, barrels have changed the face of the global economy and ensured the safe passage of provisions in times of peace and war. Intrinsically linked to the use of wood and ships, the barrel evolved to become a flexible and vital component of the world’s shipping industry, transporting not only wine and beer but also everything from crude oil and explosives to nails and Tabasco sauce.
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