Word Magic Suite Premier 6.3

Paramount, hand-picked bundle of ‘the best of the best.’ All premium translation products in a single streamlined package designed to tackle any type of need and help any type of user: a Translator with Interactive capabilities, a Professional Dictionary, Visual and Voiced Aids to help in the selection of the best output and to save you time and effort, a Pop-Up consultation tool, a Dictionary Plug-in for Microsoft® Office and three of our superior technical compendiums. Just slide behind the wheel and smell the leather. Read more on next page

It Includes:
• Translator Professional Plus Completely Redesigned!
• Dictionary & Tools Professional Completely Redesigned!
• Complete Add-ons Pack
• Dictionary & Tools for Microsoft® Office Improved
• Dictionary & Tools Point & Click Improved
• Three Technical Dictionaries:
○ Law Completely Redesigned!
○ Business & Finance Completely Redesigned!
○ Information Technology Completely Redesigned!

Dictionary and Tools Medicine
All-new, all-inclusive, magnificent compendium of hand-picked entries, definitions, synonyms and translations from all general and specialized areas of medicine, including popular terms for elusive medical terminology, giving it the depth and scope needed for communicating with patients in hospitals or on the field, getting a better grasp of regional medical studies, using definitions to better understand medical terms, taking advantage of texts written in the other language.the sky is the limit! You can also combine it with our Add-Ons Pack (sold separately) to have definitions, color pictures, quips & quotes, proverbs, grammatical notes, usage examples, etc. for the words that have these available.

It Includes:
Pharmaceutics Microbiology
Biochemistry Organic Chemistry
Pathology Forensic Medicine
Health Center Attention Gynecology & Obstetrics
Pediatrics Physiognomy
Psychology Neurology
Optometry & Ophthalmology Audiometry & Audiology
Otolaryngology Cardiology & Vascular Peripheral
Endocrinology Dermatology
Hematology Nutrition & Dietetics
Gastroenterology & Proctology Nephrology
Urology Immunology & Allergy
Epidemiology Oncology
Radiotherapy & Chemotherapy Pneumology & Bronchopulmonar
Geriatrics & Gerontology Rheumatology
Medicine Traumatology & Orthopedics
Odontology Surgery
Radiology & Nuclear Medicine Health
Alternative Medicine Medicine
Anatomy Physiology