Word Smart by The Princeton Review, Julian Fleisher +

Word Smart, Genius Edition: Building a Phenomenal Vocabulary by The Princeton Review, Julian Fleisher, Michael Freedman
Requirements: .MP3 reader, 65 MB
Overview: Do you have a proclivity for using sesquipedalian words? Has your prose become ossified because you haven’t augmented your vocabulary lately? Here’s the perfect, pedagogical solution. Word Smart, Genius Edition teaches more than 150 of the most captivating and challenging words in the English language.
Perfect for professionals, college students, wordmongers, crossword puzzle devotees, and just plain show-offs, Word Smart, Genius Edition informs and instructs in a uniquely entertaining way. And because this is an audio program, you won’t have to wonder about correct pronunciation or embarrass yourself when you try to impress others with your growing linguistic mastery.
This program features concise, accurate definitions; great examples and stories that teach words in context; and mnemonics to make it all stick.
Genre: Audiobooks > Non-Fiction

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