Your bucket list: Must-do experiences in Southern Africa

Your bucket list: Must-do experiences in Southern Africa
ISBN: 1770265600, ASIN: B00IPIW0H0, eISBN: 1770265619 | 2014 | EPUB | 192 Pages | 59 MB
This book is the result of a decade of southern African travel while working for SA4x4 magazine as their Bush
Editor. I like to call it the best decade of my life, as during this time I was able to visit just about every river,
waterfall, lake, mountain, pass and national park found within this very special part of Africa. You can
experience thousands of memorable and must-do-at-least-once-in-your-lifetime activities when travelling
through southern Africa. For this book we had to narrow them down to only 150. We decided to include
Tanzania, Angola and Kenya in our list of countries covered, because once you are in northern Zambia or
Namibia, some of these are just a short border crossing away.
Anyone can reside in southern Africa, but to truly experience the place or call yourself a local you need to tick
off as many of the activities on this bucket list as possible. We might not all have the physical capabilities to do
something as crazy as run the Comrades Marathon, but you still need to go and experience it at least once or
support a mate who is doing it. While some of the activities on our list are pretty straightforward, such as going
to see the penguins at Boulders, we have given others a unique twist to heighten the experience. You will see
that instead of just telling you to go to the Victoria Falls, I suggest swimming in the Devil’s Pool on the edge of
the falls, or taking a helicopter flip to a private island just downstream from them. My wish is that this book
will serve as a reminder of all the great activities and experiences on offer in southern Africa and, more
importantly, I hope that it inspires you to go out there and do as many of them as possible. Get ticking!