Your Microscope Hobby by Michael W. Shaw

Your Microscope Hobby by Michael W. Shaw
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Overview: There are scant resources on the web and in books about making microscope filters, especially Rheinberg, Darkfield, and Oblique filters. How do they work? How do you make them? The author saves the reader the trouble of doing all the research by providing a step by step manual on microscope filter making. For over a decade, the author has made microscope filters for universities around the world, for the Mayo Clinic, for professors, industrial scientists, hospital researchers, doctors and veterinarians on every continent, and for amateurs as well. In addition to the main topic of Rheinberg filters, covered are polarization and oblique filter making, which adds to the repertoire of microscope contrast techniques. The book also lists many resources for products and related references about microscopy.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Educational

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