Your Personal Horoscope 2019

Your Personal Horoscope 2019
Publisher: Harper Thorsons
Date: 2018-11-20
ISBN-10: 0008298815
ISBN-13: 9780008298814
Language: English
Pages: 384
Added: 2018-11-07 07:30:04

Your complete one-volume guide to the year 2019. This fantastic and in-depth book includes month-by-month forecasts for every sign and all you need to know to find out what is in store for you in the year ahead.
The only one-volume horoscope you’ll ever need.
Your essential guide to love, life and career success in 2019.
This popular, complete one-volume guide contains all you need to know about your personal horoscope for the year 2019. Be prepared for the forthcoming year with monthly predictions for your own sign and discover how to maximise your opportunities and potential to make the most of 2019.
This bestselling astrological guide contains:
• A personality profile for each sign
• A forecast for the year ahead – what you can expect in terms of wealth, home, health, social and love life
• A month-by-month forecast of your best days and worst days – the ideal days to attract love, money or success, and when it’s better to just stay in bed!
Joseph Polansky is a leading US astrologer who has been practising astrology for over 20 years.
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