Your Vivid Life by Shayne Traviss

Your Vivid Life: An Invitation to Live a Radically Authentic Life by Shayne Traviss
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Overview: This is it. There’s no better time than now. You’ve heard the whispers – perhaps the screams – of a life trapped somewhere between conditioning and resistance. In Your Vivid Life: An Invitation to Live A Radically Authentic Life, Shayne Traviss – Student of Life and Founder of a global platform for personal development (that’s reached millions around the globe) – shares his personal trials and triumphs while giving palpable advice on what worked for him, and what didn’t, in hopes of helping you find your way.
Split into 3 parts (Undoing Conditioning, Breaking Through Resistance and Radical Authenticity), each part containing 4 chapters (including practices, tools, and techniques). Through solitude, awareness, worth and environment he mirrors our conditioning; in connections, evolution, nourishment and play the path of least resistance; and through service, gratitude, movement and unconditional love, the path to a radically authentic life.
Every section, every chapter, every word, an invitation to birth your truest self.
Your life is speaking. It’s time you listen up. And this is your opportunity.
Genre: Non-Fiction – Biographies

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